*** Note - Trades are listed in reverse order ***

- Joseph Fauria (te) of 69ers released for Jason Campbell (qb).

- Nick Novak (k) of A II P released for Andre Holmes (wr).

- Scott Tolzien (qb) of Tormenta released for Josh McCown (qb).

- Justin Tucker (k) of 69ers released for Delanie Walker (te).
- Patriots (d/st) of United released for Texans (d/st).

- Ryan Williams (rb) of Tormenta released for Bobby Rainey (rb).

- Kevin Kolb (qb) of Tormenta released for Rishard Matthews (wr).

- Peyton Hillis (rb) of 328's released for Andre Brown (rb).
- Chargers (d/st) of Lightning released for Riley Cooper (wr).
- Greg Jennings (wr) of A II P released for Nick Novak (k).
- Seneca Wallace (qb) of Tormenta released for Scott Tolzien (qb).

- Willis McGahee (rb) of H released for Pierre Thomas (rb).

- Rashard Mendenhall (rb) of Lake Show released for Garrett Hartley (k).
- Kevin Olgetree (wr) fo Lightning released for Rashad Jennings (rb).
- Joseph Randle (rb) of 69ers released for Brock Osweiler (qb).
- Donald Jones (wr) of Tormenta released for Seneca Wallace (qb).
- Vincent Brown (wr) of United released for Andrew Quarless (te).

- Ryan Succop (k) of Lightning released for Chargers (d/st).

- Ryan Broyles (wr) of H released for Ladarius Green (te).
- Brock Osweiler (qb) released for Bengals (d/st).

* Terrell Pryor (qb) and Kenny Britt (wr) of 328's traded for Jake Locker (qb) and Stevie Johnson (wr) of 69ers.
- Bilal Powell (rb) of 69ers released for Steven Hauschka (k).
- Brandon Weedon (qb) and Jay Feely (k) of 328's released for Chris Ivory (rb) and Peyton Hillis (rb).
- Texans (d/st) and Nate Washington (wr) of Tomcats released for Colts (d/st) and Zach Miller (te).
- Chargers (d/st) of A II P released for Panthers (d/st).

* Darren Sproles (rb), Chargers (d/st), and a 3rd Rd pick in 2014 of Lightning traded for Geno Smith (qb), and 2nd Rd pick in 2014 of A II P.
- Austin Pettis (wr) of 69ers released for Joseph Fauria (te).
- Lions (d/st) of H released for Saints (d/st)
- Ronnie Hillman (rb) of A II P released for Drew Stanton (qb)
- Quinton Patton (wr) of Lake Show released for Mike James (rb).
- Dan Carpenter (k) of Tomcats released for Jarret Boykins (wr).

- Steven Hauschka (k) of H released for Case Keenum (qb).

- Ladarius Green (te) of 69ers released for Joseph Randle (rb).

- Jason Snelling (rb) of 69ers released for Harry Douglas (wr).
- Andre Brown (rb) of 328's released for Jay Feely (k).
- Brian Hoyer (qb) of H released for Steven Hauschka (k).

- Randy Bullock (k) of A II P released for Dan Bailey (k).
- Santonio Holmes (wr) of Lightning released for Ryan Succop (k).
- Zach Stufeld (te) of Tomcats released for Garrett Graham (te).

- Jacob Tamme (te) of O's released for Matt McGloin (qb).
- Santana Moss (wr) of Lake Show released for Zac Stacy (rb).

- Redskins (d/st) of H released for Lions (d/st).
- James Starks (rb) of Tomcats released for Dan Carpenter (k).

- Gavin Escobar (te) of 69ers released for Austin Pettis (wr).
- Ahmad Bradshaw (rb) of Lightning released for Kevin Olgetree (wr).
- Robert Meachem (wr) of 328's released for Ryan Fitzpatrick (qb).

- Greg Little (wr) of United released for Denarius Moore (wr).
- Mike Thomas of O's released for Jets (d/st).

- Jake Ballard (te) of 328's released for Sidney Rice (wr)..
- Stephen Williams (wr) of 69ers released for Jason Snelling (rb).
- Packers (d/st) and Doug Baldwin (wr) of H released for Redskins (d/st) and Brian Hoyer (qb).

Kellen Winslow (te) of 69ers released for Chiefs (d/st).
- Austin Pettis (wr) of Lightning released for Brandon Lafell (wr).

- Josh Freeman (qb) of A II P released for Charles Clay (te).
- LaMichael James (rb) of Tomcats released for Donnie Avery (wr).

- Sidney Rice (wr) and Austin Collie (wr) of United released for Heath Miller (te) and Jordan Reed (te).

- Jets (d/st) of Lake Show released for Mike Glennon (qb).
- Denarius Moore (wr) of H released for Willis McGahee (rb).

- Vick Ballard (rb) of 69ers released for Bilal Powell (rb).
- Brandon Lloyd (wr) of Lightning released for Austin Pettis (wr).
- Alex Green (rb) of Tomcats released for James Starks (rb).
- Zac Stacy (rb) of Lake Show released for Knowshon Moreno (rb).

- Lawrence Tynes and Jonathan Baldwin (wr) of 328's released for Caleb Sturgis (k) and Eddie Royal (wr).
- DJ Williams (te) and Lions (d/st) of A II P released for Roy Helu (rb) and Kenny Stills (wr).
* Lamar Miller (rb) and 3rd Rd pick in 2014 of H traded for worst 1st Rd pick in 2014 and Denarius Moore (wr) of A II P.
- Brian Quick (wr) of H released for Doug Baldwin (wr).

- Ryan Fitzpatrick (qb) of 328's released for Terrell Pryor (qb).
- Garrett Hartley (k) of Lake Show released for Marlon Brown (wr).
- Dustin Keller (te) oh H released for Joique Bell (rb).
- Chris Ivory (rb) of 69ers released for Kellen Winslow (te).
- Danario Alexander (wr) of United released for Eagles (d/st).

* Andy Dalton (qb) and Dwayne Bowe (wr) of 69ers traded for Demaryius Thomas (wr) and Jake Locker (qb) of Lake Show.

08.18.2013 - 19th Annual Draft
* Randy Bullock (k) of O's traded for 4th Rd pick (#39) and conditional 3rd Rd pick in 2014 (will become a 2nd Rd pick if between #26-30) of A II P.
* 1st Rd pick (#3) of Tormenta traded for 1st Rd pick (#9) and 1st Rd pick in 2014 of Lightning.

* Miles Austin (wr) of 69ers traded for Eagles (d/st) and 3rd Rd Pick (#24 overall) of 328's.
* Bryce Brown (rb) of 69ers traded for Beanie Wells (rb) and Domenik Hixon (wr) of Lightning.

* Brian Quick (wr) of 69ers traded for Cedric Benson (wr) and Donald Brown (rb) of H.

* Dwayne Bowe (wr) of Tormenta traded for 1st Rd Pick (#3 overall) of 69ers.

* Emmanuel Sanders (wr) of 69ers traded for Titus Young and a 4th Rd Pick (#31 overall) of Tomcats.

* Joe Flacco (qb) of H traded for CJ Spiller (rb) and 2nd Rd Pick in 2013 of O's.

* Stevan Ridley (rb) and Garrett Hartley (k) of A II P traded for 2nd Rd Pick in 2013, 1st Rd Pick in 2014 and 2nd Rd Pick in 2014 of Lake Show.

* indicates a trade not a release.