Offseason trades made before the start of the 1998 season are in the process of being located
and will hopefully be fully recovered to be posted online soon.


Sep 8th
- Jeff Blake (qb) and Jeff Lewis (qb) of A II P released for Jeff Chandler (qb) and Charlie Batch (qb).
- Shawn Jefferson (wr) and Ted Popsen (te) of KC Whoa released for Byran Still (wr).

Sep 9th
* Warren Moon (qb) of O's traded for Robert Edwards (rb) and Ken Dilger (te) of KC whoa.
- Ki-Jana Carter (rb) and Brett Conway (wr) of O's released for Ed McCaffery (r) and Falcons (d/st).
- John Hall (k) of Hoots released for Pete Stoyanovich (k).

Sep 11th
- Jerris McPhail (rb) Jessie Hayes (rb) of Harbour Lights released for Troy Brown (wr) and Wayne Chrebet (wr).

Sep 13th
- Jamie Asher (te) of A II P released for Stephen Alexander (te).

Sep 14th
- Skip Hick (rb) of 69ers released for Larry Centers (rb).
- Leeland McElroy (rb) of Lazer Light released for Skip Hicks (rb).

Sep 15th
- Irving Fryar (wr) and Scott Bentley (k) of Boozehounds released for Marc Edwards (wr) and Olindo Mare (k).
- Doug Pelfrey (k) of O's released for John Hall (k).

Sep 18th
- Scott Mitchell (qb) of Hoots released for Randall Cunningham (qb).
- Troy Aikman (qb) of Condors released for Rich Gannon (qb).
- Gus Frerotte (qb) and Edgar Bennett (rb) of Flying Pigskins released for Vinnie Testeverde (qb and Ki-Jana Carter (rb).

Sep 19th
- Charlie Garner (rb) of Boozehounds released for Eric Zier (qb).

Sep 24th
- Jim Harbaugh (qb) of Boozehounds released for Mike Prichard (wr).
- James Stewart (rnb) of 69ers released for Leroy Hoard (rb).
- Sederick Shaw (rb) of Lazer Light released for Andre Glover (te).

Sep 27th
- Chad Lewis (te) of O's released for Priest Holmes (rb).

Sep 29th
- Darnay Scott (wr) of O's released for Derrick Mayes (wr).

Sep 30th
- Derrick Alexander (wr) of the 69ers released for Erik Kramer (qb).

Oct 3rd
- Eagles (d/st) of Hoots released for Bubby Brister (qb).

Oct 9th
- Leroy Hoard (rb) of 69ers released for Charlie Graner (rb).

Oct 10th
- James McKnight (wr) of Flying Pigskins released for Darnay Scott (wr).
- Lions (d/st) and Bears (d/st) of Boozehounds released for Kyle Brady (te) and Rocket Ismail (wr).
- Kerry Collins (qb), Rich Gannon (qb) and Jerald Moore (rb) of Condors released for Tavian Banks (rb), Steve Beuerlein (qb) and Edgar Bennett (rb).

Oct 11th    
* 69ers Get: A II P get: KC Whoa get:
Rob Moore (wr) of KC Whoa
Stephen Alexander (te) of A II P
Cam Cleeland (te) of 69ers
3rd Rd Pick in 1999 of 69ers
Mike Alstott (rb) of A II P

Oct 12th
* Amp Lee of Lazer Light traded for Seahawks (d/st) of Boozehounds.
- Kevin Turner (rb) KC Whoa released for Mushin Muhammed (wr).

Oct 15th
- Byron Hanspard (rb) of Hoots released for Richard Huntley (rb).
- Ravens (d/st) of Condors released for Danny Kannell (qb).

Oct 18th
- Bryan Still (wr) of KC Whoa released for Bam Morris (rb).

Oct 22nd
- John Kasay (k), Ken Dilger (te) and Curtis Conway (wr) of O's released for Mike Vnaderjagt (k), Damon Jones (te) and Ravens (d/st).
- Richard Huntley (rb) of Hoots released for Byron Hanspard (rb).

Oct 23rd
- Kerry Collins (qb) of 69ers released for Doug Flutie (qb).
- Trent Dilfer (qb) of KC Whoa released for Curtis Conway (wr).

Oct 25th
- Danney Kanell (qb) of Condors released for Troy Aikman (qb).
- Terrance Mathis (wr) of 69ers released for Eric Moulds (wr).

Oct 27th
- Eric Zier (qb) of Boozehounds released for Trent Dilfer (qb).

Oct 28th
- Jeff Wilkens (k) of Lzer Light released for John Kasey (k).

Nov 2nd
- Cardinals (d/st) of Boozehounds released for Travis Jervey (rb).

Nov 6th
* Charles Johnson (wr) and Jermaine Lewis (wr) of Flying Pigskins traded for Terry Glenn (wr) of O's.

Nov 8th
- Byron Hanspard (rb) of Hoots released for John Avery (rb).
- Chargers (d/st) of Lazer Light released for Eagles (d/st).
- Hines Wrad (wr) of Hoots released for Terrenace Mathis (wr).

Nov 9th
- Bam Morris (rb) of KC Whoa released for Jay Fiedler (qb).
* Jake Reed (wr)( of Harbour Lights traded for OJ Santiago (te) of Lazer Light.

Nov 10th
- Jason Dunn (te) of Harbour Lights released for Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala (rb).
- Travis Jervey (rb) of Boozehounds released for CharlieGarer (rb).