Aug 16th
* Chris Warren (rb) of Hoots traded for Keith Byars, Ricky Prohel and Fraud Reviez (k) of 69ers.
* Jim Everett (qb) and Thurman Thomas (rb) of 69ers traded for Stan Humpries (qb) and Erict Rhett (rb) of Mexican Seafood.

Aug 23rd
* Leroy Hoard (rb) of Hoots traded for Tyrone Wheatley (rb) of A II P.

Aug 30th
* Colts (d) of the 69ers traded for Larry Centers and Lin Elliot (k) of Hoots.

Sep 11th
* Dan Marino (qb) of Oreos traded for Flipper Anderson (wr), Marshall Faulk (rb) and Keith Cash (te) of Omni Football.

Sep 23rd
* Randall Cunningham (qb) of Nurses traded for Jim Kelly of Omni Football.

Sep 25th
* Dave Krieg (qb) of Hoots traded for Mark Ingram (wr) of Lazer Light.

Sep 28th
* Jason Hanson (k) of Hoots traded for Al Del Greco (k) of A II P.

Oct 11th
* JJ Stokes and Bernie Parmalee (rb) of Omni Football traded for Craig Heyward (rb), Rocket Ismail (wr) and the 2nd pick in the 1995 Free Agent Draft of 69ers.

Oct 18th
* Mark Bruner (te) of the 69ers traded for 10th pick in the 1995 Free Agent Draft of Flying Pigskins.

Oct 18th - Free Agent Draft
Our inaugural season in 1995 did not allow for Free Agent acquisitions during the season. Trades amongst teams could be made but free agents could not be acquired. However at the halfway point of the season, the league did have a Free Agent draft in which every team could acquire one free agent if they released two players from their current roster. The free agent draft order was the exact opposite of the order from the August draft. Here are the results of Free Agent Draft:

1. Nurses:
Released Kendall Watkins (wr) and Eddie Murray (k) for Brett Emmauel (wr)

2. Omni Football *acquired from 69ers:
Released Randall Cunningham (qb) and Reggie Johnson (te) for Brett Perriman (wr)

3. Lazer Light:
Released Eric Lynch (rb) and Heath Shuler (qb) for Curtis Conway (wr)

4. Hoots:
Released Craig Erickson (qb) and Reggie Cobb (rb) for Issac Bruce (wr)

5. Krazy Kats:
Released Carwell Gardner (rb) and Ron Moore (rb) for Derrick Loville (rb)

6. Omni Football:
Released Lewis Tillman (rb) and Victor Bailey (wr) for Ronnie Harmon (rb)

7. Mexican Seafood:
Released Charles Johnson (wr) and Leonard Russel (rb) for Michael Westbrook (wr)

8. A II P:
Released Eagles (d) and Marion Butts (rb) for Terrell Davis (rb)

9. Oreos:
Released Flipepper Anderson (wr) and Kelvin Martin (wr) for Tony Martin (wr)

10. 69ers *acquired from Flying Pigskins:
Released Don Beebe (wr) and Steve McNair (qb) for Joey Galloway (wr)