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Shea Bowl

"When the heart grieves over what it has lost, the spirit rejoices over what it has left."

On October 27th 2010, the A2P Fantasy Sports League lost an iconic figure - longtime companion Shea Fisher, who came to us in the inaugural season of 1995. Even if only in a subconscious or spiritual sense, her presence in our league was monumental - notably because she meant so much to those that knew her.

Shea was the greatest dog - Beautiful, intelligent and loveable in so many ways. On a personal level, Shea was my very close friend. I miss her and don't think those feelings will ever go away. In relation to our league, I have tender memories of her helping me with my Commissioner responsibilities. Commissioner's (in general acceptance of the trade) are lonely, so it was with great joy that Shea kept me company during those late Monday evenings of stat crunching and website editing. She would never question anything (minus the occasional dream-barking), rather just lay on my bed beside me to keep sanity at 2am as the website was updated.

Many of the league owners likely have their own personal memories of Shea on draft day. She was such an embodiment of the comforting and playful atmosphere we hoped to capture every year at the draft on Dogwood Lane. She was a reflection of this atmosphere and of home itself.

In her honor, A2P Fantasy Sports League will hold an annual Shea Bowl, selecting one game each year starting in 2011. To decide which game, we will use two definitive aspects of Shea's involvement in the league - Home and Monday Night. The Shea Bowl will be represented by the team with the best home record against the team with the most points scored during Monday Night Football from the previous season. This game will be held annually beginning in 2011.

We love you Shea!



Week 5, 2011 - A II P def Lake Show 106-81

Week 9, 2012 - Tormenta def A II P 113-85
Week 10, 2013 - O's def A II P 140-100
Week 11, 2014 - O's def 69ers 129-94
Week 3, 2015 - 69ers def Tomcats 95-67
Week 5, 2016 - A II P def Lake Show 125-90
Week 7, 2017 - A II P def United 94-76
Week 12, 2018 - Lightning def Lake Show 105-84
Week 13, 2019 - H def A II P 100-74
Week 5, 2020 - H def O's 114-112
Week 13, 2021 - Tomcats at Lightning






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